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Originally founded as residential long term housing in 2016, we shifted our portfolio to short term rentals after seeing the huge demand of domestic travelers at the start of COVID-19. We have partnered with residential and commercial owners/landlords with our Master Lease Partnership Agreement. We guarantee income for the owner of the property, and you will never have to worry about tenants defaulting on rent and going through a costly and lengthy eviction process.   


We are currently operating in:

Milwaukee, WI

Panama City Beach, FL 

Louisville, KY

Cleveland, OH

We are always looking to expand in other areas; if you are a landlord/owner please contact us if you looking to fill vacancies.  


We manage all of our rentals with professionalism, attention to detail, and superb customer service. We strive for Super Host Status and to receive 5-Star Reviews throughout our listings. 


Guaranteed Rental Income

When leasing your property to us, you will have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease, no problems with tenants not paying on time, and no worries about evicting a bad tenant. You will receive a stress free guaranteed rent payment every month ON TIME.

No Costly Tenant Turnover

Finding a new tenant can be very costly and time consuming.  You will avoid:

1. Deep Cleaning and Painting.

2. Listing Fee / Realtor Commission

3. Multiple Month Vacancies

4. Possible Evictions

Minimal Wear and Tear

Your property will be cleaned by our professional  cleaning staff almost daily. Don't be left in shock after a 2 year long tenant moves out and your property is trashed. Our cleaning staff makes sure the property is always in A+ condition daily for our guests.  

Do You Want to Sell?

If you want to sell your investment property you will not need to schedule around tenants and hope they vacate the property before closing.  There will be no eviction moratorium to worry about and your property will always be in a well maintained and perfect condition to be shown to potential buyers. 

Multiple Units? Perfect!

We sign multi year long leases for 5-10 units at once.  This will save you the cost and time of finding a different tenant for each unit and collecting payments from multiple different people. We are not leaving, you will never have to fill these units again.  If you're looking to sell your apartment/multi-family and have vacant units please let us know.  We will lease all your vacant units and your investment property will have a higher cap rate, making it sell for a higher profit.  


Deep Industry Knowledge

We value trust and believe it is the most important asset between our relationships with our owners/landlords; our entire business is built on YOU trusting US with your property. We ensure every guest is screened before hand and take all pre-emptive measures regarding safety and security. Your property becomes our full responsibility and its in our best interest to maintain its upkeep.  

Peace of Mind: Trust and Safety

Ring Video cameras are installed at the entrance of each unit monitoring 24/7. 

Noise Detector devices are installed inside each unit which sends an alert to our local on-site support staff if the noise exceeds a certain decibel level. 

Smart Locks installed on each door, a new code is generated for each guest upon booking and deleted during the checkout process.  

In-House Cleaning Staff

Our entire professional cleaning staff is hired directly, we never outsource our cleaning to another company. We have the most quality control over our cleaning standards and maintain professional level cleanliness after each stay. Our staff is trained to focus on the most miniscule of details because we know how important cleanliness is for keeping your property nice and attaining 5 Star Reviews. 


Areas we currently operate in:

Milwaukee | Louisville | Cleveland | Panama City Beach

Looking to expand to:

Indianapolis | Dallas | Fort Lauderdale | 

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